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Walk-through and tutorial for Both Seller's and Buyer's versions.   Camtasia tutorial video and voice-over recorded and produced from the client's basic script.
This video for UK-Nurseries.Com is a mixture of Camtasia screen-capture and PowerPoint with animated text/images and a pacey voice-over.
This is one of a series of training videos made using PowerPoint with animated text and images, a straightforward voice-over and some copyright free background music edited together in Camtasia 7


One of a series of "Quick-Tip" videos for Produced with PowerPoint, Camtasia, and screencaptures from the Web.


Another in the same "Quick-Tip" series. Music and title-pages give the series uniform branding.


Video Sales Letter for Royalty Rewards. This 8 minute teaser video was to get potential customers to watch a 32 minute video explaining the concept.


This is a sample from the 32 minute Video Sales Letter explaining the Royalty Rewards concept, and inviting sign-ups for a free trial.


These Camtasia Screen Capture Tutorial Videos are from a series of 12 created for to demonstrate the various features of the site.


Another Camtasia Screen Capture Tutorial from Note the use of focus and zoom to bring important details clearly to the viewer's attention.